Nature's Canvas provides a Personalised Service, to ensure we create the Artwork pieces that work best in your chosen locations.

Atmosphere and Impact

* Well chosen Artwork is an extremely effective way to instantly evoke the ambience you desire for your home or office spaces.

* Artwork provides a point of engagement and connection to enliven all types of environments.

Colour Scheme and Decore

*  Your current decore and colour schemes are also a major consideration, when choosing the Artwork pieces that will enhance these spaces.

*  Thoughtful Artwork selection, will ensure all your interior design elements work well together. Ultimately creating the most appealing and inviting atmosphere.

Artwork Size and Orientation

*  Artwork size, orientation and location, are important considerations when deciding the most complimentary placement of your Artwork. Getting this balance right, ensures each space will exude the desired ambience.




To assist you to visualise artwork pieces in your home or business spaces, we offer a range of Artwork Concept Design Packages.


Artwork Concept Design Packages

After discussing your specific Artwork requirements, we can create a 'Concept Design Package' that will show you how different art pieces look in your rooms.

From photographs taken in the spaces you require Artwork, we can use 'photoshop' to place your chosen art pieces in these spaces.

All room photographs provided, will need to be in focus, well lit and approximately 1MB each in size.

Choose from the 3 packages shown below, or we can create a package that best suits your needs.

'Virtual' - Artwork Concept Design Packages

** Please Note :   For large, bulk orders, the cost for the Artwork Concept Design Package will be fully refunded.


Nature's Canvas Products

* Nature's Canvas Artwork can only be purchased directly from the artist, ensuring your home or office spaces have fresh, unique elements created in the size and style you require.

* We create Quality Stretched Canvas Artwork, from the Original Nature Photography of Yvonna de Jong.

Quality Craftmanship

*  All Artwork are printed using premium quality, achival, non-solvent inks, on 100% cotton canvas.

*  Prior to stretching, each print has a UV protective film applied to the surface, enhancing the longevity and durability of the Artwork.

*  This film also eliminates cracking, or deterioration of the artwork surface by gentle dusting or cleaning.

Artwork Installation

*  Each Artwork is fitted with commercial grade hanging fixtures to ensure the Artwork will sit flush to the wall and cannot be nudged out of place. If you require other fittings, these can be provided on request.

Artwork Sizes

*  All Artwork are created in Standard Sizes, however most pieces can be customised to suit the sizes you require.

All Photographs are taken in Australia and all Artworks are also produced in Australia.


Artwork Prices

All of Nature's Canvas artwork are 'made to order' only. Pricing will depend on the sizes of artwork ordered, the number of pieces in each order and freight costs involved.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and we can arrange a quote for you.